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Appear On Scroll Pinned Navigation Bar:


With the latest version of Muse being responsive we've created a widget that lets you design a custom nav bar menu and have it only appear to a set scroll point on the page of the site this means that visitors of the site can still have access to the navigation while there scrolling down the page and at the same time having a larger main header navigation for only the very top of the site, this makes the site more easy to navigate and makes it look Professional it can also be a great resource to use as a client project especially as the navigation bar is responsive it's sections proportional scale down to make sure the menu items are visible at all times. And when the browser width is getting pretty small the menu changes style to a hamburger menu in which the background and hover states and icons/text are all customizable.


What's Included:


Appear On Scroll Pinned Nav Bar



Position Detector

Container Only - allows custom HTML,CSS and JS input for a completely different menu option.


Widget Features:


- Fully customizable nav bar; background colour, font, opacity, hover colour and fade option.


- Has a hamburger style menu for mobile sized breakpoints also able to customize.


- Features 2 Extra Widgets a scroll position detector; to determine the scroll point in which you want the menu to appear. A container only version in which allows you to place custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript into the container for your own nav bar styles to appear in.


- Can add Both Anchor Links and Page Links, anchor tag links also scroll smoothly to the anchor point.


- Can choose how many buttons you want the nav bar to be (Up to 5).


- Change the container height.


- Full support and a Video tutorial on how to use the widget.


- Future Update requests are welcome.


- No Subscription Purchase Once and Keep forever plus get additional updates and support!